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New T-shirt Swag

Sexy new shirts, you can grab one starting Friday at our Cubby Bear show! Online merch store coming soon, stay tuned...



Mike here was traveling through Chicago and looking for something to do so he hung out with us at rehearsal!

Thanks for the memories


March Video Update

Brought to you by the lovely Laura Camacho!

Just some of the cool stuff we've got going on in March:
*in a hushed whisper* By the way, we're playing a super secret show in Evanston tonight... It's so secret that we can't talk about it online (the man is always listening) but hit up a band member for details.

*backs away slowly*

Ska-POW 2014 Heavy-weight Champions!

We crossed the border into Minnesota with our pants sagging. We looked to the heavens for a solution, and our prayers were answered in the form of a ska-themed wrestling belt!

We played Ska-POW over the weekend; The third-annual contest featuring Midwestern ska bands. This year it was at Triple Rock in MINNEAPOLIS (which btw, was referenced in "seeing double at the triple rock" by NOFX— fun fact).

The DJ was spinning sweet ska tunes all night

We arrived with wet socks and empty stomachs. After eating hot dogs at the Wienery and replenishing our liquor reserves we were ready to hit the stage. Sam broke a string, Anthony fell down and skinned his knee, Laura was too sweaty... IT WAS A CHAOS!

After a quick fist fight in the parking lot outside of the venue, we were ready for our second set. We rocked like we’d never rocked before and made sure to blow plenty of kisses. Our scores from the American Idol-style judges were outrageously good. We were then presented with the title belt and celebrated by playing four more songs.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Mary Tyler Moore statue or eat at cracker barrel on the way home, but we'll be back... TO DEFEND THE TITLE.

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